Mini crankshaft dampers

This friction damper is one of the products that has fully utilised our close ties with CAD/CAM technology.

As used on many Mini7, Miglia, and Historic race engines including several championship winners.

Various types & combinations with additional belt pulleys & timing trigger wheels are available. All variations with trigger wheel line up exactly with timing belt kit & CPS attachment. ( See belt kit ).

For any car driven to its maximum potential, this damper will assist in reducing crankshaft failure at high revs.

Last picture is of shallow dish, large diameter water pump pulley for use with damper body to its left.  £45

Price shown is for damper. Pulleys & timing trigger wheels are extra. V Belt Pulley £45.  Tooth Belt Pulley £65.  60-2 & 36-1 Trigger wheels £35. (please note, front mounted, small diameter pulleys will not fit a car with side rad).