Parts information

SH Engineering can provide a number of production or bespoke products based on standard or individual requirements.

For any part not listed on this site please contact us for a discussion of your requirements.


All new parts manufactured by us or for us have been thoroughly tested on our own engines before being made available for sale. It is always our intention to correct any design flaws or manufacturing issues prior to release, however due to the nature of the engines these parts are often fitted to (motorsport), where we have no control over their fitment or use, we cannot accept any responsibility for loss caused by the failure of a component. We will replace an item if it has manufacturing flaws or has failed due to said flaw.

In the case of all secondhand/used components, modified or not (e.g. crankshafts & conrods), we cannot accept any liability at all if they prematurely fail. Many of these components can be over 40 years old before modification & we have no knowledge or control over their prior use. We make every effort to ensure that such components are suitable for modifying & that their modifications have a proven track record for durability, however we cannot know if a component has suffered previous high stress use or not & this can be the cause of early failure.