Saenz Conrods

Saenz Connecting Rods 

A short note about conrods. 

The current marketplace is saturated with 'H' beam conrods at very low prices. Almost all are sourced in the Far East & are of questionable quality. You won't know who has manufactured them, the material spec will be different to that claimed & variable. They are often very heavy ( sometimes more than a standard rod! ) , poorly designed & finished.

To design a conrod that will withstand the severest applications & be light is not easy, that is why only specialist conrod manufacturers can do it. Saenz is one of only two rod manufacturers in the world that are recommended by Cosworth, I think that says it all.

All the H & I beam conrods sold by SH have been exclusively designed for us by Saenz to meet a full race specification. They are easily the lightest available with a total weight from 375gms, fitted with L19 or Custom Age ARP bolts, they are quite simply the best Mini & MG conrods on the market. You get what you pay for. If it's cheap, there's a reason. 


'A' Series conrods are available in various sizes. 'S' & std big end. 5.75 & 6 inch lengths. 18mm & std small end. All are fitted with L19 or Custom Age grade ARP bolts ( several grades higher than ARP 2000 ). The 18mm small end rods have been designed specifically to be used with our exclusive full race spec Omega pistons, but also fit certain other pistons with an 18mm gudgeon pin. 

All above variations from £885 total.